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Daily keyword rank tracking. You can track 5 websites and 50 keywords online, without downloading software.

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Google Rank Checker

Track the progress of your SEO every day

Are you a business owner, SEO manager, or marketer? Then you've got to attract as many visitors as possible to your website. To do this, the website must definitely be on the first page of Google, because - as the latest research shows - today's Internet users rarely go to the second page, and Google's top five listings account for 80% of all traffic. SEO optimization thus plays an important role for your online business.

Your website ranking will increase if your SEO company is effective. But your competitors are also using SEO, so your ranking may sometimes fall. In order to win, you need to be at the center of events, i.e. to continuously monitor your Google ranking and strengthen your leading position.

We have developed this google rank checker to give you a reliable keyword tool to monitor the progress of your SEO. Register today and each day will gather accurate information about your website ranking in Google based on keywords. You can analyze your ranking history and measure SEO performance in real-time.

How Keyword Tracker works

The service is simple and convenient. You don't have to download or install a keyword tool on your computer. Simply, take one minute to register on this website. After registering, you will be able to specify the websites whose Google ranking you want to track. These can be not only your websites but also those of your competitors. makes it possible to track the positions of five websites for free.

You will need to specify keywords for each website. Because people in different countries see different Google search results, Keyword Tracker lets you configure keyword search parameters such as country and language. lets you monitor 50 keywords for free. After the websites and keywords are configured, google rank checker is ready to work. Every day the service will determine your ranking, and you can analyze the gathered statistics.

In order to more conveniently monitor the influence of specific SEO changes on your website ranking, we support special tags that you can add to a calendar for specific keywords. You can view both daily and weekly statistics.

Advantages of Keyword Tracker

  • Daily rank tracking. Our service determines your ranking every day, while many other tools do this once a week.
  • Rank search depth of 200. Other tools have a depth of 50-100. This means that if your page is ranked 125th on Google, then Keyword Tracker will find it, but many other tools will not.
  • It's free.